Netizens take part in celebratory meal for Advent

The 100% KATOLIKONG PINOY! Ministry has called for a faith fostering activity to start the Advent season. Dubbed as the “Advent Meal,” the meal is intended to spread the good vibes of the Advent Season through cooking dishes and offering it to the spirit of preparation.

“The season calls for preparation. Being meal-oriented, Filipinos can express a sense of preparation through cooking what everyone wants to eat,” says the online ministry founder.

“In other countries, a special meal is observed and eaten at Advent, with prayers used in accord to the season. We wanted to call on others to do it in the First Sunday itself.”

The Advent Meal is not intended to be served in lieu of the Noche Buena, ” he clarified.

Netizens participate in the call to prepare the meal and submitted their food preparations for Advent.

15207858_120300000914602846_573536176_n (Submitted by H. Cachuela)


(Submitted by A. Gonzaga)


(Submitted by L. Arreza-Rapes)

parishyouth (Submitted by R.C. Dacanay)

(Submitted by J. Croox)

(Submitted by L.A. Romarate)

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